Mystie has extensive experience and qualifications in the following discplines:

Spiritual Wellness Check-In

Learn to clear your life path.  Do you have Clean  Relationships?  Are you contemplating a new Career?  Are you at a cross-roads and are uncertain of which path to take?  Spiritual Wellness check-ins uncover deep layers of information about yourself so you may find guidance and direction. 


Yin-Nidra Yoga

Yin Yoga is a gentle yet deeply intense practice that targets the fascia, ligaments, bones and joints providing strength and flexibility to complement your other exercise regimens.  Nidra is guided visualizations and relaxation, providing relief from anxieties, fears and stress.  The two combined support overall well-being and vitality. (Currently teaching at Enshin Karate, Denver, CO.)

 Energy Light Workings

Meridians are energy channels running throughout the entire body system.  Many Eastern Philosophies focus on clearing and opening these channels to provide health and support to the body's vital organs and bone structures.  The largest Energy Meridians are brilliant colorful light centers running from the base of the spine to the crown of the head known as Chakras  (Sanskrit for Wheel).

I can teach you techniques to clear, open and cleanse your Chakras and also provide Energetic Cord Cutting

This energy light work breaks the chains to set you free from relationships and situations that block and clog your path of spiritual freedom and personal growth. 


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