My spiritual journey began innocently as a child.  I felt a magical sense of Spirit in the trees, flowers, mountains, rivers . . . almost fairy like.  I sensed a presence of beings  I could not see with the human eye, but something within told me they were there.  I could hear musical lyrics that seemed to come from the ocean sirens and nature fairy spirits.  This innocence instigated a need to "demonstrate" human living to an invisible world.  I imagined I was teaching these "unseen beings" the way to human life.  For example, how to brush their teeth, the importance of education, how to weed a garden, as preparation for when they decided to experience Earth.  Though this teaching to the spirit realm waned over the years as I grew from childhood dreams to adult, I am ever grateful for Mother - she always believed in me!  Mother raised us girls with a vast spiritual grid including: the honoring of Mother Earth, glorifying the Rising Sun, searching for herbs and plants to brew healing tinctures and teas, growing our beautiful gardens, inviting the love of Jesus, Buddha and Paramahansa Yogananda into our hearts.  At one point my grandparents encouraged Catholicism into our lives.  My favorite memories were learning to pray the rosary to Mother Mary with my Grandmother at her bedside.

     At age 31, I nearly lost my life.  Feeling confused about life and death, I became an endless spiritual seeker of many paths.  I fervently began studying the Christian Bible cover to cover, the Book of Mormon, the Teachings of Buddha, interpreted versions of the Kabbalah and Quran, Native American Indian traditions, and Eastern philosophies.

     In 2004 I found a formal teacher of a religion I'd never heard of:  Wicca (The Old Religion).  Her teachings were based on the Gardnerian Tradition named for Gerald Gardner who was an English Wiccan author, amateur anthropologist and archeologist.  In 1953 Gardner initiated Doreen Valiente, who became his High Priestess and wrote much of the religious liturgy for Gardnerian Wicca.  Enter another Englishman: Raymond Buckland who is recognized for bringing this tradition of Wicca to America in the 1960's. 

     My incessant yearning for spiritual knowledge led me to earn my Ashtanga Yoga Teacher and Energy Light Worker Certifications while in California.  When I moved home to Denver, I added new layers of yoga training: Restorative/Water Yoga, and DaoYin based on Chinese Philosophy.  Yes, my spiritual practices are highly eclectic and bring joy to my life!  I have incorporated Celtic traditions, Earth-Based Enlightenment, Yoga and Eastern Philosophies that compliment all religious and spiritual traditions.

     Upon returning to Denver, I re-engaged with my Wiccan sisters and continue teaching the tradition of Wicca to new seekers of this path.  Together we formed, “Circle of Many Waters”, an eclectic spiritual group with no hierarchy.  We all learn from one another and share in our Earth-Based foundations and Green Witchery.  We honor the Eight-Spoked Wheel known as Sabbats (following the cyclical seasons of the changing Sun) and the phases of the Moon known as Esbats.  

     I wish to bring light to darkness and spread my happy nature to others.   All paths lead to Spirit - follow what makes you happy and that which speaks to your soul living joyously!

Namaste' and Blessed Be, Mystie-Raven


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