Path of Priestess

Earth Based Enlightenment and Reverence to

the Feminine Principle Who is Goddess

     Hello and thank you for visiting my website.  My given birth name was Barbara Marie.  Over the course of many years studying spirituality in many forms, I naturally merged into my Spiritual Mentor and Priestess name:  Mystie-Raven.  My name stems mainly from the Old Religion known as Wicca.   I was first introduced to Wicca in a beautiful Sacred Mountain Retreat in Golden, Colorado in 2004, where I studied and practiced with an amazing group led by a knowledgeable teacher and minister of the faith.   In the Summer of 2019 I felt the calling  to fully embrace my Dharma Path.  Hence, I had fun in the Denver Courts changing my legal name to Mystie-Raven Barbara. 

     I am also a certified Yoga Teacher and Energy Light Worker.  I studied and practiced in Palo Alto, CA (Avalon Yoga Center) and Petaluma and San Francisco, CA (Sacred Centers).  More recently, I studied and now practice and teach, DaoYin Yoga, where I completed my training in Denver, CO  through Samadhi Yoga.  My teacher of DaoYin  is owner and founder of Enshin Karate-Denver.

     My spiritual beliefs and practices are Universal with a foundation centered on Earth Based Enlightenment where reverence is focused on the Goddess aspect of Deity, as well as the God aspect.  For it is in all of nature that Feminine and Masculine qualities exist in all creation.  You cannot have one without the other, yet our world is sorely out of  balance due to the history of Patriarchal, monotheistic dominance.  Shakti (Feminine Energy) and Shiva (Masculine Energy) are the Divine Sacred Union of healing, harmony and balance.  

     The catalyst that drove me to my painful spiritual awakening and incessant spiritual journey was nearly losing my life at age 31.  Having one foot in the real  world and one in the spirit world awakened me to share Spiritual Wellness. In our mainstream culture we know to stay healthy on a physical level; we have regular dental check-ups, annual physicals and see a therapist for emotional support.  What about your Spirit Essence?  Awakening to Spiritual Wellness is the icing on the cake that keeps us well balanced in Body, Mind and Spirit.

Areas covered include:

Clean Relationships (Personal, Familial, Business)



Career Pathing via listening to "Self-Guidance"

Guidance for Future by Gaining Insights from Your Past



Inner Spiritual Development via Yin/Nidra Yoga

Yoga Instructor Training Certifications: Avalon Yoga Studio (Ashtanga) , Palo Alto, CA | Qi Yoga (Restorative-Water), Denver, CO |  Samadhi/Enshin Karate (DaoYin), Denver, CO | Spiritual Minister Ordained - Esoteric Interfaith Theological Seminary.

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